Why MMA For The Streets

Grand Master Sebastian Nazario’s Mixed Martial Arts For The Streets ™ 

There are many good systems out there for the person that wants to train relentlessly.  But there are NO ‘effective’ systems for the people that can be learned in a reasonable amount of time. Techniques that the body can gravitate towards and not reject like in those complicated systems! Grand Master Sebastian Nazario’s Mixed Martial Arts For The Streets ™ is based on common, very effective, pre-learned motion. Simply put, using pre-learned body mechanics that can be enhanced to become a protective, instinctive and devastating defense skill. Techniques that the body and mind embrace because they have a familiar pattern and have already been ingrained in muscle memory since you were a kid.

How is Grand Master Sebastian Nazario’s Mixed Martial Arts For The Streets ™
different than other so called reality based personal protection systems?

What did Grand Master Sebastian Nazario do that others before him did not do?  Prior to the techniques being developed, tested and implemented, he took the time to see how the brain is patterned. His relentless research showed that here in America (and countries like it), the brain is taught at the early ages of learning to pattern things in 3’s. Think about it: when you started in school you were taught your A-B-C’s and 1-2-3-‘s! The mind learns things in a 3 Patterned Mode, and yet everything we do later in life we go against our learning by trying to learn too much too quick. That is why our brain fails us because the mind cannot comprehend that way of learning in a quick amount of time. That is why (more will be explained through each training lesson), we fail to execute personal defense under life-altering situations! When our mind is overridden with fear and panic, it goes blank! Or ‘freezes’!

Simple 3-part move techniques quicker learning

Think about your previous or current defense training and how many moves that you were taught to do at once. You get the first part down, but the second part (usually after 3 moves) got lost in the thought process. Not with Grand Master Sebastian Nazario’s Mixed Martial Arts For The Streets ™ You will learn to engage in the 3 Technique Mode and will retain more than you ever did before. Now it is not just a 3 move learning process – there is much, much more that will allow the body and mind to embrace the top training ever available, anywhere.